Exersise your Mind

Our mind works in mysterious ways. We use our mind to think, make judgment and hold the power of imagination. Our mind is the hub of our personality, our character and the person we are today, so it is important to look after it.

The best food for the mind is simply water. Drinking a glass of water can sharpen your mind by 14%. Also what is good for the mind is rest, so sleep is very important. The mind likes a good diet, listening to music and reading. It is also very important to keep the mind stimulated with exercises. 

Exercise your Mind

Mystify your Mind is the “GYM” for the mind.

It is as important to give your mind exercises as it is keeping our body fit. The best exercise for the mind is thinking outside of the box by tricking the mind with clever challenging tasks.

Mystify your Mind is full of mind blowing challenges that will keep your mind stimulated. Your mind will have to go into over-drive to find images you can’t see and trying to work out why images don’t make sense in your logical world. Mystify your Mind provides five books full of weird and wonderful images, but Edition Five is dedicate to the mind. This Edition is called “Exercise your Mind” which is full of tasks, experiments, brain teasers and magical tests to exercise your mind.

It is important to stress out that Edition Five has nothing to do with testing your IQ with science & general knowledge with intellectual tasks. Exercise you Mind is a harmless but magical way to keep you mind active.   

Exercise your Mind

Here is simple example how to think outside of the box. The image above displays numbers one to nine and then it’s asking you “Can you find the Mistake?

Most people will spend a lot of time looking for a mistake in the numbers, but the mistake is actually in the question. Can you see the mistake? Only 25% will spot it.

The mistake is “there are “two the’s” in the question. Can you see why you need to look outside of the box? This is a little taster of the what is in the “Mystify your Mind” collection. .

Optical Illusions

Here is another example of thinking outside of the box “literally” The image above displays a polar setting. The question is; “Can you find the penguin?” Most people will automatically look upon the image as you expect a penguin to be in a polar environment.

The fact is, there is no penguin in the image. This is where you need to think outside the box, as the penguin is under the question.  

exercise your Mind

Can you find the fault with both images above?

It’s amazing how many people spend a good time trying to find the fault. The length of time you’re trying find the fault is quite healthy, as it’s processing the fault and its getting stimulated in a fun & challenging way.

The answer is…

THE CROSS ROADS IMAGE – The red light should be at the top of the traffic lights, not at the bottom.

GIRL ON THE SWING IMAGE – The rope is attached to the end of the seat, therefore the girl should tilt on the swing.

Mystify your Mind is definitely different and quirky and it will make the perfect little gift or stocking filler. There is not set like it, over four hours of magical mayhem. The set is only £10, just click the “Buy Now” button below to purchase your copy.

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Mystify your Mind

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