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What is “MYSTIFY YOUR MIND” all about?
If you enjoy being mystified, fooled and challenged with images that will play tricks with your eyes and play games with your mind, this amazing “Gift Set” will take you down that mystical journey.

“Mystify your Mind” is the title of an amazing collection of the very best optical illusions that consists of five editions. All five books come with a folder binder that keeps all the five editions together, making it an ideal gift.

Optical Illusions Books

So why “MYSTIFY YOUR MIND “compare to other Optical Illusion books?
Admittedly, there are some amazing books out there, but “Mystify your Mind“ wanted to broaden the horizons on the magical world of illusions.

Each edition is themed to make the books more interesting, educational and can be shared out amongst family and friends. There are tasks, challenges, experiments, magical puzzles and brain teasers where you have to think outside the box. Also the books are littered with Quirky Facts and Interesting Phrases. There are over 400 challengers to keep you busy, making this collection different and unique.

What are the different themes in the “Mystify your Mind” gift set?
Below are the five editions.

Optical Illusions books

All five books are themed and each Edition has its own title.
Edition One is called “THE SCIENCE OF PERCEPTION”
Edition Two is called “TAKE ANOTHER LOOK”
Edition Three is called “THE MAGICAL ART OF ILLUSIONS”
Edition Four is called “SPOOKY ILLUSIONS”
Edition Five is called “MIND GAMES”
All the optical illusions are selected to the appropriate edition, making the collection more interesting and fascinating.

Optical Illusions books

“Mystify your Mind” will make an ideal gift or stocking filler.
The way this set is formatted, it makes a presentable gift. “Mystify your Mind” is directed to the people who like magic, optical illusions, being tricked and enjoys being challenge with magical tasks. So if you’re struggling to find that ideal present, Mystify your Mind is definitely different.

“Mystify your Mind” are not available on the High Streets.
I’m afraid you won’t find this “Gift Set” on optical illusions anywhere in the shops. You only can get “Mystify your Mind “online through this website. If you want more details on this amazing collection before you buy, just click on the “More Info” link. There is also a Q&A on the popular questions ask to make you feel at ease.

How much does “Mystify your Mind” gift set cost?
The price of this presentation set is only £10. This includes the five editions and a binder that keeps all your books together. To purchase “Mystify your Mind” simply click the “Buy Now” button below.

Please note there will be a £1.88 charge to cover Postage & Packaging. Delivery can be from 3 to 7 working days.
Mystify your Mind

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Mystify your Mind

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Mystify your Mind

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Mystify your Mind

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Special Edition Mystify your Mind

This special edition of Mystify your Mind is not included in the Presentation Set