Follow the Steps
Can you find the Hidden Tiger?


It a nutshell, an optical illusion is when the eye proceeds an image that deceives or misleads our brain. This is when the mind disagrees what the eye is seeing, creating a perception that in reality, does not match the true image.

The image above is the perfect example how an optical illusions misleads your brain. If you study the image carefully, your brain is trying to make sense why the top and bottom of the steps are on the same level. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend trying to make sense of the image, the illusion will beat you.

Both Square are identical in colour
Can you work out the front of the car?

An OPTICAL ILLUSION stimulates our mind.

Life can get repetitive and then our minds become fatigued by possessing the same daily information. Our brain goes into automatic and we do our daily routines without even thinking about it. It is important to get your brain out of its comfort zone and process something that is not normal. Optical illusions are not normal, they are design to confuse the mind and at the same time, it’s provides fun and enjoyment.

The image of the car (above) is another example of an illusion that will stimulate the mind. Our mind is conditioned to normality, but if you trick the mind by processing something that is not adding up, the brain is woken up and stimulated by trying to make the illusion into reality.

Faces under the sea
What is so strange about this picture?


Pictures may paint a thousand words, but do they always tell you the truth. Human perception is primary visual perception, no other sensory organ processes more information for us than our eyes. Our eyes enable us to see what is around us; however looking into optical illusions confuses the mind. our mind tries to work out the truth, but all what illusions do is decieve you in what you see. The funny thing is, we enjoyed being fooled in this way.

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All three cars are identical in size.
Move your head and the middle square will move

The Science of Perception is a facinaing topic.

The science is perception opens a new dimension how we pecieve to see something that dosen’t add up in our logical world. Our brain is conditioned to see things that add up, but take it out of its comfort zone and let your mind percieve an illusion that is not adding up, is confusing and Mystifing your Mind. Optical Illusions is a massive world of perception, Mystify your Mind collection of over 400 optical illusions will give you taste of this world.

What is so strange about these windows?
Can you see the dog?


Not only “Mystify your Mind” provide a minefield of fun, it also can be educational. This amazing collection of the very best optical illusions is full of strange, spooky and facinating images that will play with your eyes and play games on your mind.

There is section in “Mystify your Mind” where it gives ideas how to create your own interesting illusions with the camera, using clever perception tricks.  

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Mystify your Mind is a minefield of different kinds of optical illusions.

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